App Review [4]: SnapChat

App Review [4]: SnapChat *Available for Android and iOS devices SnapChat is a social network that allows the user to share videos, photos and text messages with other users. The photos and videos, made with the user’s smartphone are published with a countdown and,... read more

App Review [2]: Toontastic

App Review [2]: Toontastic Toontastic is an amazing app for children to create their own digital stories (storytelling). The app is very intuitive and easy-to-use. Parents and teachers can use this app in many different activities, like creating stories with horror... read more

App Review [1]: Sago Mini Road Trip

App Review [1]: Sago Mini Road Trip Sago Mini Road Trip is an app designed for toddlers where you take Jinja the cat for a road trip, to visit her friends in many different places.     First of all, when playing, children will have to choose which friend to... read more

5 Tech Moms You Have To Follow on Twitter

Being a parent is not easy. It gets even harder if we think about the new technologies, cyber bullying, smaller screens, and etc. Many parents around the world are using mobile apps, such as ScreenGuide, to do their daily routines easier than before. Sometimes it’s... read more

ScreenGuide now available for Android and iOS devices

After weeks of hard work, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the official ScreenGuide Parental Control app! Our parental control app is now available to download on App Store and Google Play for free 🙂 Learn more about ScreenGuide accessing our brand-new... read more