Predictions for the future state we will be completely surrounded by mobile technology. A recent study by Pew Internet & American Life Project shows tablets and smartphones were the only technologies showing growth in use over recent years. We have tablets, smartphones and you can’t tell me you haven’t seen those virtual reality glasses popping up everywhere around the world! More importantly, this technological future will be where our children will live. The problem is, we barely know how kids currently use computers and mobile devices and how to guide them; even less what is in store for the future? But, we have some insight for you. So the question now is…how do we know what children do on devices and how to guide them?


First of all, we bring student mobile device management to thousand of schools worldwide through the Mosyle platform. In doing so, we have heard many parents who are involved with Mosyle educational projects sharing issues about the use of technology by their kids. And guess what? Parents have as many issues with caring for and being aware of the mobile device experience at home, as teachers do in the classroom.


Secondly… well… we were tech-geek teenagers in the 2000’s and had the new technologies of the time right in our hands! We know how easy it can be to access all kinds of information on the Internet: at anytime and anywhere, no matter who you are — and we’re pretty sure not all of the information on the Internet is appropriate for kids. A report published on Jama Pediatrics revealed that parental monitoring of children’s media influences children’s sleep, school performance, and prosocial and aggressive behaviors and that these effects are mediated through total screen time and exposure to inappropriate content.


Technology has certainly introduced many positives into the lives of children. One in particular is the potential to learn in ways unimaginable before mobile devices. But unfortunately American teenagers aren’t using the devices for learning at home. Rather, teens average about nine hours of media use for entertainment purposes, excluding time spent at school or completing homework. That’s why creating a good balance and responsible use of mobile devices is so important.


Toddlers, kids, and teenagers need guidance in this world full of screens. Just so happens that’s our primary goal: to help parents guide and teach children ways to successfully navigate this age of mobile technology. With this goal, we designed ScreenGuide to empower parents of the 21st century and this blog will be our own guide to provide information and make our expertise in children mobile use accessible to parents across the world. We will be blogging about:


  • Articles about parenting in the 21st century: stay tuned-in to relevant and reliable news about parenting, opinions of community and other industry experts interviews.
  • Tips for guiding your child’s mobile device use: ways to identify your kid’s mobile tech habits and teach responsible and safe use
  • Technology to ensure mobile guidance: how powerful tech-tools can help you protect your children, ensure their safety online, organize a balanced amount of screen time, and introduce mobile devices in an easy and useful way
  • ScreenGuide success: success stories of parents who use ScreenGuide – feel free to share your story with us via email! We’d love to hear from you and share with the community!

We’ll be posting a few times a week, so you’ll have multiple opportunities to share your comments, suggestions, and concerns. If you have something to say, please tell us! This blog is completely for you. Feel free to contact us via e-mail and/or through our Facebook page!