5 negative impacts of technology in children

Technology is everywhere. Just take a look around and think about. Actually, take a look at your pocket or at this screen, you’re looking at right now. If we want to do things quicker and easily, we have to use it.

Technology has brought many great things to us! Smartphones (they are getting smarter every day), tablets, personal computers, video games and so on. Is this world surrounded by technology, our children is also using it at school, at home, everywhere. We all know the positive impacts of technology, right? Our children will learn many things we haven’t even dream about it before. But what about the negative impacts?

There are a lot of negative impacts from mobile devices overuse. This overuse can have some serious consequences onto our children’s life. To get the best of mobile devices, parents and teachers have to consider its downsides and prevent them, and here is our list of five negative impacts of technology in our children:

Relationships and Social Skills Problems

Kids are using mobile devices more and more. Children are addicted to their devices, they’re not spending time with their family anymore. They are more likely to be connected with their friends sharing photos and chatting online than actually meeting them in real life.

Also, many parents work and get home late at night, having just a little time to get together with their children. With such a little amount of time with parents, kids find their comfort in playing games online, accessing websites (sometimes harmful websites), chatting online on Facebook, sharing photos on Snapchat and so on. It doesn’t mean that spending time online is a bad thing, but spending too much time online can really weaken the bond between the parents and the child and also private the child to improve social skills.

All that kids want is attention. Although we’re not always available to give them attention, to prevent mobile devices of impacting our children’s lives, we should get along with them more frequently and create a bond. Check here 5 tips to spend more time with your children.

5 negative impacts of technology in children

Health Problems

The overuse of mobile devices can be harmful to children’s health. The more children use mobile devices, the less physical activities they do. The problem is that playing games online is combined with snacking, substituting the balanced alimentation. As children spend more time in front of mobile devices, most of the time in the couch, less time they spend outside playing, running and burning off calories. Over time, these habits can lead to a significant weight gain.

To prevent it from becoming a habit, parents can talk with their children about parental controls and use ScreenGuide App to balance screen time. Remember: banning and blocking everything is not the solution. What can really help you to balance your child’s screen time is to teach them when it’s appropriate to use mobile device and when it’s not. Teach them that there is time for everything, even to play games online. But it’s also important to balance it, otherwise many problems comes along. Check out tips to have “The Tech Talk” with your children here.

Other than overweight, opticians say that the overuse of mobile devices increases the risk of eye damage. Also, the blue light that comes from the screen is harmful to our eyes, in the long-term. Eye damage is associated with more headaches and even more health problems. Balancing screen time can reduce most of these hazards, start balancing your child’s screen time this week!

Browsing Online can Be Dangerous

While browsing online we often face harmful things such as phishing, virus and other dangers disguised as advertising. Most of the adults know it and can easily avoid them, but what about our children? Sometimes even the advert can be harmless to them. A study from 2005 says that 70% of teens aged between 15-17 have accidentally stumbled across pornography online. What about nowadays?

One way to help children to be safe online is to (again) talk with them. Of course, you can use ScreenGuide to block browsers (and browser apps) for as long as you want, but talking with children is still the most powerful apps for parents. I mean, children can go online and search for anything. But with the right guidance, they will be able to avoid dangers online and even dangerous people, that tries to steal data from children (in 82% of the cases of online sex crimes, the sex offenders uses social networking sites to gather information). Keep in mind that you can always guide your children to avoid those dangers.

Mobile Device Overuse Reduce Sleep Quality

According to the article “Kids Are Being Kept Awake by Their Phones Even When They’re Not Using Them” over 72% of all children have at least one device in their bedroom. JAMA Pediatrics published a paper last week with the big question: Is there an association between screen-based media device access or use in the sleep environment, and sleep quantity and quality?.

Well, they found out that the there is a strong and consistent evidence of a link between mobile devices overuse and reduced sleep quality. Our children are sleeping less than they should, but what’s the matter with it?

A lack of sleep can have serious consequences on our brain. During the bedtime, the brain does some “housekeeping” tasks, clearing things that aren’t important and restoring the nerves networks to wake up again ready for a brand new day. But sleeping less means that we’re depriving our brain of its essential needs and we will struggle on our activities during the day. The study published by JAMA Pediatrics also conclude that children’s and adolescents’ sleep time is “a major public health concern”. You can learn more about the problems of a poor sleep here.

To help your children to get a better sleep, you can talk to them about the dangers around it. Also, work on reducing the screen time balancing it with ScreenGuide, a balanced screen time can improve children’s sleep quality. Check out 3 tips for your children to have a better night of sleep!

5 negative impacts of technology in children

Finally, ask yourself: Is Your Smartphone Affecting Your Relationship With Your Kids?

Take a time to think about it, have you ever checked your phone for notifications? WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, or Instagram when you’re with your children? Well, most of the people we know, do this, after all, mobile devices are great to overcome boredom. But checking out mobile devices for notifications when we’re around children has its downsides. According to a study published by University of Michigan Health System, “Parents’ use of mobile technology around young children may be causing internal tension, conflicts and negative interactions with their kids”.

Children see children do. Dr. Jenny Radesky, says that children “…learn by watching us how to have a conversation, how to read other people’s facial expressions. And if that’s not happening, children are missing out on important development milestones.”.

Some of the plans of making family time even better are to get the time to reconnect with them. Use ScreenGuide to balance your child’s screen time and spend more time with them. Take the time to be with the, and do the stressful tasks later, when you’re not with your children.

What are the problems you’re facing and what do you do to prevent it? Share and comment our article so we can keep making good stuff for you!