In some schools, today is the First Day of School and we’re getting used to the routine of the new school year. Yes, we know: you are celebrating the Back-To-School! But not only educators and students have to be prepared. You also need to be prepared to help your children get into this new routine – and it certainly involves mobile devices in their daily lives.

Why should I, as a parent, prepare (or even control) my child’s device in the Back-to-School? We give you some reasons here – and the most important: we give you also the how:

Ease of mind

The online world is huge and there is a lot of information. Are you sure everything you child is doing online is safe? Us neither! This Youtube video, for example, seems to be ok and fun at the beginning, but we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw it! Preparing your child’s device like, scheduling the device deactivation, for example, can help you on reducing your daily concerns about what your child is doing online.

Be the person you want your children to be!

Our children will always follow our lead. The first thing we have to know is that children see and children learn, no matter what they’re seeing (watch this powerful video of Napcan). We need to make our influence positive, set a good example and always cross the street at the crosswalk. Sit with them, use mobile devices to study, show your children some great educational apps like Duolingo, The Magic School Bus, Fish School and others, show them how to use it!

be the parent you want them to remember

Distraction Of Mobile Devices

In the class, mobile devices can have two different roles: Help learning and teaching or ruin learning and teaching. We all know that mobile devices can really improve learning in the classroom, but what exactly parents can do to “prepare” this mobile device? You can set manual restrictions and determine what apps you want your children to keep installed or not. Setting it up manually can really help on reducing the distractions caused by mobile devices (removing games, for example). Or, you can use ScreenGuide App to remotely manage and control you child’s device. It even allows you to share the management with your child’s teacher during the class if you want to.

Set a Routine

Many parents are trying to set a mobile device routine for their children. But it’s not easy! Setting a routine implicates in defining bedtime and respect it (check out 3 tips for bedtime), reducing the blue light exposure, determining dinner time, homework and other activities. Setting this routine will certainly make things easier! Your child will wake up more prepared for a brand new day!

Be always there

You can always count on technologies to spend more time with your children, using Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp and other but, when at home, take a break on mobile devices, no matter if it’s yours or your children mobile devices, spend great family time together!


Do you have any thought on preparing children mobile devices for BTS? Let us know! We’re always learning with parents all over the world.