Being a parent is not easy. It gets even harder if we think about the new technologies, cyber bullying, smaller screens, and etc. Many parents around the world are using mobile apps, such as ScreenGuide, to do their daily routines easier than before.

Sometimes it’s hard to know who to follow on Twitter since there are hundreds of thousands of accounts over there. But the truth is: everyone can get something good from social media. As a parent, what can we get from Twitter?

We made a great list with some of the best twitter accounts for parents to follow! If you are a parenting wanting to have some fun on Twitter and still learn more about raising children and tips about technology for them, you should check this list out!

In no particular order, these are our 5 favorite parents to follow on Twitter:

@momblogsociety, 292K Followers

Mom Blog Society is an influent twitter account. It’s kind of a knowledge base made by men and women for men and women. Their website has everything a parent need: food & drink, parenting and technology tips in general.

5 Tech Moms to Follow on TwitterThey share a bunch of tips on their twitter account, with the main objective of making your life as a parent easier! One of the great tips/articles we read is about a PICKUP App, a new service available in Dallas where a good guy driver helps you when you are busy with kids and need to load a heavy table in your car to drive home. Another good tip is about getting the most of the laptops for new users.

@coolmompicks & @coolmomtech, 510K/36.2K Followers

Cool Mom is a team that brings us many helpful things such as new discussions, parenting trends, gift ideas, and tech and internet safety. Led by Kristen (CEO) and Liz (Editor-in-Chief), the Cool Mom team are often featured in national and local media.

5 Tech Moms to Follow on Twitter

Just like the first twitter account, Kristen and Liz share many tips with us. One that might help us at bedtime is an article teaching how to enable night shift on iPads and iPhones. Night Shift is basically a life saver (actually, a sleep saver, almost the same), that reduces the impact of those LCD screens on our eyes. Another great tip is about the new app TinyCard, that helps people to learn a foreign language in a flashcard game.

@techsavvymama, 20.5K Followers

Leticia is the founder of Tech Savvy Mama. This twitter account has over 20.5K followers (Jul/16) and helps parents all over the world to better use technology. She shares many articles about teaching digital safety for children, and technology usage in general.

5 Tech Moms to Follow on Twitter

She has many posts, but we took a time to get two great pieces that might help you. The first one is a game that teaches screen time for children. Sometimes it can be hard o start a conversation about screen time, so this is a valuable tip! The second article is an infographic about the 10 Most Dangerous Things People Do with Their Smartphones. Helpful, isn’t it?

@SJBlahBlahBlog, 82.3K Followers

Jenn is the mom you would like to follow. Her twitter account is like a  swiss army knife, it’s as helpful as that. She shares many things on her website too, about family, health, beauty & fashion, tech, and other categories.

5 Tech Moms to Follow on Twitter

One of the posts we really enjoyed is about 7 seven apps for children. There are great apps, such as Temple Run, Kan Academy, and many others! Another great article is about 5 ways to save money on printer ink. It’s a must-follow twitter!

@pamelamaynard, 66.7K Followers

Pam Maynard is owner and creator of Mom Does Reviews website. She is used to writing about things that will make our lives easier and happier, like movies, educations, technology, traveling and others. She also does products reviews (toys, clothes, foods..), it’s certainly going to help you.

5 Tech Moms to Follow on Twitter

There are two articles in particular that we enjoyed. The first is tips about  how to play Pokemon go with your dog, remembering to stay safe and take care of your little friend. Another great article is questioning about how safe kids are safe while using mobile devices.


@kellyoxford, 690K Followers

Kelly is awesome, that’s why she is on this list. She talks about everything. Following her can turn parenting at least, funny. She is also a bestselling author, sharing the funny things her 7 years old daughter says.

These tweets talks from themselves:

5 Tech Moms to Follow on Twitter

5 Tech Moms to Follow on Twitter

We hope you enjoyed our list! Feel free to share with us any twitter account that can help other parents to better use technology with their children!