App Review [3]: Clash Royale

App Review [3]: Clash Royale

*Available for iOS and Android devices

Clash Royale is a strategy game based on battles with animated characters in a medieval world, using cards, spells, some defense buildings and use Royales (knight, prince, a baby dragon and others). It is a multiplayer game and during the battle, players can interact with each other through a chat (only emojis available and pre-set messages, players can’t send offensive messages).

When players defeat their opponents they gain rewards that include trophies, crowns, chests and glory in the arena. When forming a clan, players can share cards and build their own community. As players advance in the battles. they can collect new cards to improve the attack and defense and destroy the enemy king’s tower.

As the game involves strategy and defense it’s very useful for children to develop logical thinking skills when faced with complex situations within the duels. It is important to note that parents need to monitor screen time and balance usage, not letting overuse impact your child’s sleep time, grades and so on.

App Review [3]: Clash Royale


Clash Royale is free to download and play, but players can speed up progress by buying gems and cards with real money. If parents do not wish their children to have access to these items, you can disable in-app purchases through the ScreenGuide.

Recommended age: 13+