App Review [4]: SnapChat

App Review [4]: SnapChat

*Available for Android and iOS devices

SnapChat is a social network that allows the user to share videos, photos and text messages with other users. The photos and videos, made with the user’s smartphone are published with a countdown and, after reaching its end, the file will be erased forever. They’re exhibited just once and the content won’t be available for more than 10 seconds.

One feature that is trending between teenagers is the filter, animation, and texts you can apply or add to photos. Beyond these effects, you can also create short videos and/or narratives.

App Review [4]: SnapChat

The biggest concern of the users on using SnapChat is about privacy and the security of the content published on SnapChat. Although the photos and videos are available only a few seconds, SnapChatters can take screenshots of the content, what makes it easy for other users to capture it and share with other users in other networks.

It’s important for parents to guide children and keep track of what kind of picture, videos, and messages children are sharing online on SnapChat. Many of the issues around SnapChat is about sexting (sending and/or receiving sexually explicit messages), while Snapchat is extremely popular amongst younger users, the app is also used for a lot of sexting.

Use ScreenGuide to guide your children on using mobile devices and apps, such as SnapChat. It’s a great app! But it can also be dangerous, as children don’t fully understand yet what is “ok” to share and what is not. Don’t forget to talk to your children about it.

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