Meanwhile, children are receiving their first mobile device earlier than before, and this is a trend already, just as the need for managing their devices. More than ever, parents are worried about digital bullying, Internet safety, technology overuse and so on. What to do about it?

Parental control apps helps parents to better understand their children and set customizable restrictions according to their behavior.

Should I manage my child’s device?

It is not about forbidding! The Internet is awesome, and we can learn almost everything online and use its potential to do things we had never imagined before. But everyone knows that being online can be dangerous for kids. Especially with our screens getting smaller and harder to keep track of what they search and do.

Our little ones (sometimes not that little) don’t know for sure what is or what isn’t appropriate to access and interact, with their mobile devices. But the question is: How do I guide my kid if I don’t even know what he is doing over there?

Also, children are unique and different from each other. There is no formula to educate every single child in the world about how to get the best of mobile devices. That’s why guiding them is so important. But the main question is: how to do it in a safety, healthy way?

“Understand” is the keyword

Managing your child’s device according to their behavior and needs is the key point. There is no reason to block the entire device all day long if your child is using it mainly for learning. But for sure, understanding what happens on the screen of mobile devices is a challenge!

ScreenGuide gives you plenty of useful information to better understand how your child is using his/her mobile device. What apps is installed? For how long have this app been utilized in the last ten days? Are those apps mainly educational, social media or another category? Did my child installed any of the twenty most removed apps by parents that use ScreenGuide to remove/block apps?